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This book is a collection of the notes published every day throughout 2019 on the Architectural Notes website. Nearly forty correspondents around the world participated in the writing of these notes. They describe the state of the world of architecture in the most direct way possible, without theoretical detours. Here, an accident on a building site. There, people being evicted from their homes. In between, a few architects who are dazed and no longer understand anything. A short story written by Austrian author Barbara Zeman enhances this set of notes by giving the book an extra layer of reading. Inspired by some of the stories reported in this collection, Barbara Zeman provides here a fantasy image of the chilling fate of architecture. An introduction completes the book and sheds light on its real intentions. If this book is first a description of the world of architecture, it is also and above all, a call to transform it.

Author: Anonymous, Barbara Zeman
Graphic Design: SpMillot, Paris
9.5 × 12.4 cm
408 pages
ISBN 978-2-9570628-1-2